Changing Hong Kong with Technology

ImageDeep is a destination for businesses to improve their security and outsmart their competitors with advanced AI solutions. We are driven by data, innovative ideas, and a vision to make things better. ImageDeep, in a word, is Technophile.

Niall Dorr, Founder at ImageDeep

Since qualifying as an Telecommunications Engineer, I have been working within the computer vision industry for over two decades.

A wealth of start up experience with a number of companies being sold in excess of $100m to multinational companies. Co-inventor of US issued patents in applied computer vision and optics. Published papers and articles on Intelligent Transport Systems and Automated Optical Inspection solutions.

Prior to Hong Kong, I was the operations director to the third largest Airport in the Middle East, applying automated technology to identify and decrease revenue leakage points and to optimise security awareness.

Company History
and Future Goals

At ImageDeep, the convergence of AI, Data Analytics, IoT Devices, Greater Connectivity and the Cloud can lead to greater savings and productivity by integrating these to one seamless platform. We unify these elements to a single entity that provides greater insights to how these processes interact. We aggregate and analyse the data in real time that provides increases in yield, greater accountability, reduces duplication, decreases risk and maximises revenue for our clients. 

We act and react on the data not last week, not yesterday, but now…

Why Get Our Digital Eyes Of Protection

Identify Threats

We provide reliable round the clock service so that if threats are identified, your supervisor will be notified in real-time with full audit reporting support at your fingertips.

Protect Your Business

No one has a crystal ball when crimes or accidents happen, our AI technology is your real time solution to monitor, record and report when incidents occur around the clock without falling asleep on the job!

Save Money

Our AI technology will significantly reduce your operational costs while increasing operational efficiency. We remove the HR costs from MPF, insurance, sick leave, recruitment & training! 

What Makes ImageDeep Exclusive

We are Unique

Everything we do is customised by adapting our AI technology to become part of your business ecosystem. We don’t just install and leave, we provide you ongoing business support as well as reliable round the clock support to your business.

Hong Kong Based

ImageDeep is a proud Hong Kong company based in Tuen Mun. Our professional team is hired locally with native knowledge backed with over 20 years of international AI technology experience!

Real-Time Reporting

Our reliable real time service is a combination of AI technology and security licensed specialists in our control room based in Hong Kong. We are proud of our AI real-time monitoring and reporting system. It is installed independently from our clients’ network, so that there will be no finger pointing when it comes to incidents taking place.

Licensed & Trustworthy

ImageDeep is fully equipped with security bureau license type 1 & 3 in Hong Kong, which allows us to install, record and provide security guarding services. Our own data security system respects the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) EU Compliance, as well as HK Personal Data (Privacy) Protection Ordinance (Law).